Fish With Jewels. That’s That Good Luck!

Pike attacks just everything that moves. What can not you see in the stomach of this ruthless predator. In the stomach of this fish, all kinds of cutlery were found — knives, spoons, forks and even metal fish cleaners.

In addition to fish, the pike feeds on frogs, and sometimes it can grab a duck (this is a small duck) and keep it in the mouth until the duck loses its strength and only then turns it so that it swallows it from the head.

Fish With Jewels. That's That Good Luck!

This time, after fishing on Lake Zaisan, which is on the border with China, several pike and zander were cut. In one of the pikes they dragged out a spoon with a hook. Well, in another, as you can see, they took out a massive gold signet ring. That’s luck!

According to another interesting legend, at the end of the nineteenth century a pike with a ring of gold was caught.

On the decoration was an inscription that said that the fish was ringed by the Russian Tsar Boris Fedorovich. The individual for his life gained 60 kilograms and grew to two meters. The pike was caught during the cleaning of the Royal Ponds.


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